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Pre-Sale Business Evaluation

Assessing your business’s strengths and opportunities to optimize its appeal for potential buyers.

Compliance & Training

Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and providing comprehensive training to enhance operational efficiency and safety.


Propane Fractional Services include Safety, GM and CEO positions.  A cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees, providing specialized skills or services on a part-time or as-needed basis


Having a compliance inspection before a government regulatory audit is a proactive and strategic move that offers several key benefits:

Identification of Issues: A compliance inspection conducted by experts like us helps identify any potential compliance issues within your propane business before the government audit. This means we can catch and address problems early, reducing the risk of penalties or fines during the audit.

Preparedness: By knowing where your compliance strengths and weaknesses lie, you can be better prepared for the regulatory audit. This can result in a smoother and less stressful audit process.

Risk Mitigation: Addressing compliance issues in advance reduces the risk of regulatory violations, which can have serious consequences for your business, including fines, legal issues, and even business closures in extreme cases.

Cost Savings: Proactively addressing compliance issues uncovered during the inspection can often be more cost-effective than dealing with fines and penalties imposed during a regulatory audit.

Reputation Management: Demonstrating your commitment to compliance by voluntarily undergoing an inspection can enhance your reputation with regulatory authorities and the public. It shows responsibility and a willingness to cooperate.

Operational Efficiency: Improving compliance often leads to operational efficiencies and cost savings in the long run, benefiting your business beyond just regulatory compliance.

In essence, having a compliance inspection beforehand helps you take control of your compliance status, reduce risks, save costs, and demonstrate your commitment to operating a safe and responsible propane business, ultimately leading to a smoother regulatory audit process.

LPGas Magazine September 18th, 2023, article discusses how Safety and Compliance directly impacts insurance premiums.

“”The retail propane business has a low claim frequency,” he says. “But any claim is typically at the level called high severity, which means it’s large. That puts pressure on the company to operate with best practices, recorded with good documentation.”

As for the transport side, notes White, there is special pressure to maintain their status with the DOT and their basic scores with the FMCSA. “Anything negative will be used against them.”

Maintaining a great safety program is one thing. Getting the word out about those efforts is another.””


We’ve known Brian for 25+ years-all of which were inside the propane space.  Brian is an excellent listener, and open to new ideas.  These traits, along with his business experience make him an excellent choice to help anyone looking for a fresh voice to complement their own ideas.  I strongly recommend Brian and his services.  ~ Steve


I have been working with Brian for a couple of months now and the value that we receive has been excellent. After our initial review, he has provided consistent feedback and in communication with us to assist in resolving our issues. There have been a couple of instances where I requested clarification on a particular regulation, and Brian was able to ensure that we had the correct information in a quick and timely manner. He has been open to my thoughts on ways to better assist the small business owner like me. Being a small business owner of a propane company, we are faced with a myriad of state and federal regulations. Brian is becoming an invaluable resource in navigating these critical, and often times overlooked areas of our operation. I would highly recommend Brian and 1075 Consulting.  ~ John